Healing Serenity


Amazonite, Crystal Quartz, Prehnite
Sterling Silver beads and clasp
18” long
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The Healing Serenity necklace carries the properties of Amazonite, Crystal Quartz and Prehnite and helps to open you to a deeper connection with healing, wisdom, calm and spirit. It is also an awakener to empower, support and increase your wellness. It awakens your energy towards healing and harmony to renew uplift and expand consciousness in all areas of your life. It also carries strength, protection, stamina, improves mental clarity, minimizes stress, and centers mind, body and spirit.

Then this necklace and each gem is vibrationally aligned and attuned to awakening a rich vibration to bring serenity, peace and healing in your life. It support sacred dreaming and awakens higher energy. It also attracts abundance, increases joy and harmony.

The Healing Serenity necklace imbues the energies of “one who flows to the grace of serenity within and shares the gifts of healing, peace, knowing and light.”

High Quality Gemstones:
Amazonite, Crystal Quartz, Prehnite,
Sterling Silver beads and clasp
18” long

Healing and Harmony necklaces awaken and activate the energies to support your well-being, promote positive energy, increase harmony, provide more strength, clarity and vibrancy in your life.

Metaphysical Attributes Bestowed:
Heal, Protect, Ease, Calm, Grace, Improve, Strengthen Overall Body, Regenerate, Soothe, Vitality, Endurance, Stamina, Transformation, Renewal, Peace

Lumari creates her Gemstone Mystic necklaces in sacred ceremony and creation for the highest energies and blessings to flow in your life. Each necklace is vibrationally aligned and attuned to specific energies that will also enhance the properties of the crystals and gemstones in each piece.