Lumari-Creator of Gemstone Mystic jewelry

I am an energy artist with gems. Each unique and One-of-a-Kind gemstone necklace I make, holds a focus of energy and properties that surround and infuse the wearer with sacred gifts. They are works of art, merging beauty and creativity with energy and spirit to help uplift, heal and inspire the wearer and impart special qualities to empower his or her life.

Each of these Gemstone Mystic necklaces are one of a kind pieces. They are all made of fine metals and high quality precious or semi-precious natural gemstones. All the designs are done by me, Lumari, in sacred ceremony and creation for the highest energies and blessings to flow in your life.

I create jewelry that is powerful and transformative. You’re not just buying jewelry. You are getting positive energy enhancement for your life. You are getting an energy healing and empowering session every time you put it on. And each piece is fashion forward, beautifully designed and makes a powerful statement.

Gemstone Mystic necklaces are energetic tools that will enhance your life, support your energy and help you achieve your goals, stand out from the crowd, connect with your inner goddess, feel confident, show your uniqueness, help you shine, find your passion, express yourself, attract abundance, receive love, step into your own power and so much more.

You will look fabulous in your jewelry and know that it’s a partner in your soul’s evolution and expression.

When I create each necklace, I select each stone and feel how it resonates with the other stones and how they combine as a whole to bring an infusion of energy and beauty. It is a merging of creative, intuitive and inspired processes. I understand the meaning and properties of the category of stones and select each gem in the necklace with those properties in mind.

In creating a Gemstone Mystic necklace, I will move through all of the stones I have and listen to the special stone that wants to be in a necklace and wants to impart its unique energies. If I’m going to use that gemstone for a necklace, I listen for what crystals and gems will combine energies to create the magic of that particular necklace. Each necklace has its own voice, its own gifts to impart. I tune into every stone I have and select the specific stones that will work together. Only then does that stone become part of the overall energies and beauty of the new creation.

Finally, the piece comes together as a whole and has a completely unique energy. It has a purpose and a distinct vibration that surrounds and imbues the wearer with special qualities for healing, love attraction and empowerment.

When you wear Gemstone Mystic jewelry, you will feel the difference.