Gemstone Mystic Policy

One-of-a-kind Gemstone Mystic necklaces
One-of-a-kind pieces are created, inspired and handmade by Lumari. Each has very high-quality and beautiful gemstones and every Gemstone Mystic piece is carefully handcrafted, energized and cleansed. These are not duplicated, although sometimes you may see similarities when the Divine Guides ask for a similar piece and energy.
Once a piece is purchased, that’s it. It’s gone.

Gemstone Mystic length
To make sure the length of the Gemstone Mystic necklace will be comfortable for you, measure around your neck with a string or measure the length of one of your own necklaces and find your comfort level.

Custom Mystic Star necklaces
Custom created and designed pieces and Mystic Star necklaces from Gemstone Mystic are very special and unique. These begin in a private consultation and evolve into your personal, attuned and gorgeous necklace. We talk, do a private and spiritual consultation, then I design, attune and create each necklace specifically for you. There will be no refunds or returns on custom orders.

Wear & Care
Please be careful with your sacred Gemstone Mystic jewelry. Don’t sleep with it on, go swimming or do any significant physical activities. And please stay away from chemicals, creams, hair spray etc because they can damage your necklace and stones. Use make-up and products first then wait at least 10 minutes to you put on your Gemstone Mystic necklace.

BREAKTHROUGHS – moving into new energies
At Gemstone Mystic, I design our jewelry to help you, the wearer achieve a desired outcome, connection and state of being.

When jewelry breaks, lots of people believe it’s Good Luck. This is considered a breakthrough; a releasing of old energy blockages, integrating the energies you seek and a signal that your desired goal has been reached. You may have worked through the energy cycle of your Gemstone Mystic piece.

If you have a breakthrough, gather your gems together and place them in a container to keep them vibrant while you transition to new energies.

If you want to restring the jewelry that aided in the breakthrough, please consider a professional jeweler in your area.

It’s most likely time to consider purchasing another piece of Gemstone Mystic jewelry more in tune with your current energy, vision and vibrational focus.
Another option is to have a Mystic Star custom piece designed for you.

Shipping & Insurance
Once your payment has been processed, please allow 7 business days for production, processing, and handling time for orders to be shipped out! Most often it you’ll get it faster.

Mystic Star custom pieces take longer to create and ship. Any changes in shipping time will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Gemstone Mystic and Blue Star Network are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. We are not responsible for any delays, losses or damages due to shipping. Please contact USPS if you encounter an issue such as this.

If piece is lost or broken in shipping, it’s your responsibility to make a claim to the shipper USPS. That’s why your purchase price includes priority shipping and insurance on each purchase. International shipping may have an extra fee and that will be calculated after purchase.
Please consult the USPS website for insurance claims.

No Returns
Gemstone Mystic and Blue Star Network do not accept returns or exchanges.
All sales are final and non-refundable.