Abundant Blessings


Abundant Blessings
Blue Lace Agate and Crystal Quartz
Sterling Silver beads and clasp
19” long
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The Abundant Blessings necklace carries the properties of Blue Lace Agate and Crystal Quartz to empower, support and increase your connection to the Divine and your Self. It  increases wisdom, attracts beneficial energies, enhances meditation and expands creativity. It brings serenity, calm, beauty, healing, clarity and love. It also helps with self-expression, promotes personal freedom relieves stress, and helps attract, create and sustain harmonious relationships in your life.

Then this necklace and each gem is vibrationally aligned and attuned to extend blessings, support your dreams, wisdom and Full Soul Expression. The energies of Divine connection, magic, tranquility, increased intuition and spiritual connection create abundance and blessing in your life.

The Abundant Blessings necklace imbues the energies of “one who is ready to share and receive the gifts of abundant blessings.”

High Quality Gemstones:
Blue Lace Agate and Crystal Quartz Sterling Silver beads and clasp
19” long

Blessing, Dreams & Wisdom necklaces awaken and activate the energies to attract infuse and attract beautiful vibrations that will support your Wisdom and Dreams.

Metaphysical Attributes Bestowed:
Blessings, Peace, Positive Personal Power, Affirmation, Gratitude, Optimism, Inspiration, Intuition, Creativity, Wisdom, Vision, Enlightens, Good Luck, New Opportunities.

Lumari creates her Gemstone Mystic necklaces in sacred ceremony and creation for the highest energies and blessings to flow in your life. Each necklace is vibrationally aligned and attuned to specific energies that will also enhance the properties of the crystals and gemstones in each piece.